Entry Gates near CTR

We are located near to all entry gates at Tadoba. You can easily access all gates within 30 min. Following information will help you to get an idea of the distance of entry gates from Chimur Tiger Resort.

Entry GatesDistances
Kolara Core (Core Starts 500m. From Kolara Gate) 7.00 Kms
Kolara Buffer7.00 Kms
Navegaon Core (Core Starts 2 Km. From Navegaon Gate) 20.00 Kms
Navegaon Buffer20.00 Kms
Alizanza8.00 Kms
Madnapur11.00 Kms
Belara12.00 Kms
Shirkheda22.00 Kms
Ramdegi35.00 Kms
Nimdela36.00 Kms
Pangadi45.00 Kms
Karandla47.00 Kms